Loudoun County Public Schools Offers New Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources for Parents and Students

SALT LAKE CITY – The Cook Center for Human Connection, a nonprofit dedicated to mental health and suicide prevention, has partnered with Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) to provide ParentGuidance.org to LCPS’ schools and families. Members of the LCPS community now have free access to a range of online mental health resources that empower families…

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Using school design to promote equity in the classroom starts with understanding each student's sensory needs and learning styles.

How your school’s design can promote equity through access

Key points: For generations, school facilities have been designed for the average student, leaving neurodiverse individuals to struggle in environments that don’t meet their needs. Recently, however, the growing awareness of neurodiversity has started to shift the school design narrative for students with unique learning styles. Every student deserves to feel like school is a…

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Why Schools Need a Social Worker for Teachers

I’ve been a school social worker for the last 15 years, so I am acutely aware of our nation’s mounting youth mental health crisis. I know that robust mental health and social-emotional support for students are non-negotiable in education and I applaud the new programs and resources designed to address this urgent challenge for our…

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