EPS School Specialty Launches as EPS Learning, a Literacy-Focused Company

NASHUA, N.H./PRNewswire-PRWeb/ —  EPS School Specialty, a leading provider of PreK–12 supplemental ELA and math solutions, announces the launch of EPS Learning, a new, standalone company focused on literacy as the springboard to lifelong learning and opportunity. EPS Learning will enable teachers to support PreK–12 students across all tiers of instruction through the EPS Literacy Framework,…

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Savvas Learning Company Acquires Outlier.org 

PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY — Savvas Learning Company, a next-generation K-12 learning solutions leader, today announced that it has acquired Outlier.org, an edtech startup that has created a portfolio of high-quality, turnkey, online college-level courses that enable high school students to earn dual credit while never having to leave their school building.   Outlier.org combines cinematic video…

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Inclusive classrooms and inclusive learning systems mean maximizing equity and access to learning--here's how to accomplish such a critical step.

3 strategies to support inclusive learning

Key points: The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), passed in 1975, ensures that eligible children with disabilities receive free public education along with the services they need to succeed. The IDEA act also guarantees that students with disabilities have the right to engage in the Least Restrictive Learning Environment (LRE) that best meets their individual…

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Classroom learning can look different in many situations, but students benefit most when instruction comes from dedicated teachers

Friday 5: The many faces of classroom learning

Key points: There’s no denying it: Classroom learning is changing. Classrooms today could be in person, online, or hybrid. Classrooms may be student-driven, might focus on project-based learning, or may offer learning through a specialized topic such as STEM. And while today’s classrooms look different, students and teachers remain at the heart of classroom learning….

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