K-12 computer science helps students build essential skills for personal and professional success--here's how to support learning efforts.

Friday 5: K-12 computer science trends

Key points: K-12 computer science is essential, not just for students who may pursue computer science or STEM fields in college or the workforce. Computer science principles give students critical computational thinking skills that will serve them in any career field or professional endeavor. Let’s take a look at K-12 computer science trends and where…

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K-12 coding is beneficial to all students, whether or not they pursue STEM paths in college and the workforce.

Friday 5: K-12 coding

Key points: K-12 coding can completely change learning for students, engaging reluctant learners and activating parts of the brain used for computational thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. These durable skills are critical for students during their K-12 years, in college, and in the workforce. Let’s take a look at the latest in K-12 coding education:…

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STEAM education offers students many opportunities to develop in-demand skills needed for a growing workforce.

Friday 5: STEAM education in action

Key points: STEAM education–science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics–prepares students for success beyond high school by helping them develop much-needed durable skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving. An integrated STEAM education also puts students on the path to success with higher test scores, stronger attendance records, better disciplinary records, and increased engagement and graduation…

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Looking at AI in education, it's clear the popular tool isn't going anywhere--here's how to use it in schools.

Friday 5: Tracking AI in education

Key points: It seems as if we hear about AI in education every day, if not every hour. AI’s rise in popularity has brought with it questions about ethics, skills students will need for workplace success, and how to balance negatives with positives when it comes to teaching with this new generative tool. Here are…

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Student success is the driving force behind everything educators do--here's how to support it in your schools

Friday 5: Strategies to promote student success

Key points: Student success is at the top of every educator’s mind–particularly as research is still emerging about the pandemic’s impact on learning loss. Here are five strategies to explore as your school, district, or state focuses on boosting success for all children. What are the main factors of student success? Teachers must build strong,…

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Classroom learning can look different in many situations, but students benefit most when instruction comes from dedicated teachers

Friday 5: The many faces of classroom learning

Key points: There’s no denying it: Classroom learning is changing. Classrooms today could be in person, online, or hybrid. Classrooms may be student-driven, might focus on project-based learning, or may offer learning through a specialized topic such as STEM. And while today’s classrooms look different, students and teachers remain at the heart of classroom learning….

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