Teaching Fellows Guide Educators in Integrating AI for Enhanced Student Engagement

Artificial intelligence holds significant potential to address key challenges in education, particularly in enhancing student engagement and facilitating personalized learning. AI’s ability to provide instantaneous, tailored feedback can revolutionize how educators evaluate and enhance academic performance. However, as the educational community navigates these innovations, it becomes essential to address ethical considerations to ensure the responsible…

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At FETC 2024, a look at how educators must go beyond tech integration and edtech tools for edtech's sake to boost student engagement.

Student engagement requires more than edtech tools

Key points: Student engagement is critical to academic achievement, but it can often be a struggle to engage students in meaningful and relevant ways. During a session at FETC 2024, Tom Murray, Director of Innovation for Future Ready Schools, dove into just what, exactly, makes for the effective use of edtech in supporting student engagement….

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