Best 4 Love Hurts Quotes 2022 | When Love Hurts | Love Hurts Quotes

Best 4 Love Hurts Quotes 2022 When Love Hurts Love Hurts Quotes

It is a normal thing for a person to be in love with another person, But there are some people in this world who do not value love, and they cheat their partners and hurt them. This article is also on him, in which there are quotes/poetry of 6 very good love hurts, which you will love to read. 

Quotes On Love Hurts

1). When Breakup Happens (Love Hurts)

A breakup, every person’s reaction to this word is different. parents give by asking, sister say, I will find sister-in-law for you. brother speaks, bro u deserve someone better.  

And friends talk, leave no man, let’s have a party. but, what happens in the heart of that person when he has a breakup. laughter breaks down, my breath breaks, if I try to find a reason to live, I can’t even find it. and death scares me. 

The dreams that I had seen from the beginning and what other human beings had shown, all ended. can’t believe that till yesterday the person I was with me, from today onwards it will become just a thought. 

Open eyes keep crying, even closed eyes do not let you sleep. whenever I close my eyes, the cycle of all those moments starts. he breaks everything from the body to the soul. all those moments that we spent together, in each other’s arms, in each other’s soul. whatever be the reason, the relationship was its own, was it not? 

I wonder, I ask myself, can the reason not be fixed? can’t it be everything again like before? can’t you come in my ways again? can’t you come in my arms again? many times people do not understand the pain they inflict. 

They cannot feel the pain they give. it is easy for them, you leave the middle and go away. by showing dreams to someone, to fulfill them with someone else and what they are going through, what should they do? 

Didn’t you leave him worth it? for him, he was punished for life. because in the coming time, he will not be able to fully adopt anyone, he cannot understand this. it is easy for them, to show dreams to someone, to use someone, and then leave somewhere in the middle of the way, be done, take care of yourself now…

you should think a little if you know from the beginning that you will not be able to fulfill for the rest of your life, then why make false promises, why show dreams to someone that you will not be able to be a part of. 

No, okay, you thought you have to break up, do it right because you have to take all the decisions of this relationship when your mind comes when your mind is gone. well… the person you are, is always with you, and one who doesn’t want to be together should never be stopped. still, I will pray that wherever you stay, the person with whom you live will make you happier than me, always.

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Why Love Hurts

2). Feeling Alone (Poetry On Love Hurts)

Listen, feel lonely? many times we expect from others that if we are with them, then they should also be with us in our need. but people often leave us alone, the fault is not theirs, it is ours. because we are the ones who expect from the people and in the end, our own hearts hurt. but tell me one thing? 

Even if people are forced to have expectations, only people do it. he assures us so much that he will be with us, now what to stop believing in people? in this way, we will never be able to live with anyone. actually, the problem is neither of faith nor of expectations, the problem is in the human being, if the person is not right then what is the expectation and what is the trust. but if there is the right person, then trust is not lost and hopes are also not lost. 

We often make mistakes only in testing humans, so we are left alone. do not believe blindly, nor do you expect from people. and build a wall around your heart that cannot be broken by such people who intend to just waste your time. then see, that wall can be broken by one person, and that person will be the right person.

Till then be alone and be happy, it is not too bad to be alone. sometimes it seems that I wish someone was my own, but no one, it is you who are harassing you the most. come on, now sleep well.

When Love Hurts Quotes

3). I Changed For This (Quotes On Deeply Hurt)

I have not had to change myself in the presence of some people, which I have never wanted, I have not had to be like this.

Because I was not like him, I didn’t care about his words, and maybe he used to take advantage of it there too, I was trying to explain everything with love but he didn’t know why he didn’t want to understand anything.

Impose all your hopes on me, change my way of life according to your own, give me a voice when they need it, and leave me silent somewhere far away at my time.

So now I am lost somewhere in the noise of the same silence, which I did not wish that I have become something like this.

No one would want to change like this here? but due to circumstances, it would have been read to change.

Love Is Painful

4). I Don’t Care Anymore.

I have come to such a point in life from where it seems that I am not moving forward, why should no one say anything about me here, It seems that I am not making any difference. if I like it, it’s fine, if I don’t, that’s fine too, I can’t change the way you see yourself.

I am not tired of like, but now I do not even feel like making anyone happy. Now that doesn’t mean that there is no confusion here.

What do people think about me, I really have no hope for this thing now. I smile with my lips here, It does not mean that my eyes are not sad.

If anyone wants to come here it is fine and for those who go, I open the door myself. 

I do not care about anything, whatever happens, I speak from the front. I understand myself or say that now I have understood, now I do not know whether it is good or bad, but man I have become something like this.

There were 4 Love Hurts Quotes, Hope you liked it, if you liked it, then comment and share it with your partner.

Best 4 Love Hurts Quotes 2022 | When Love Hurts | Love Hurts Quotes

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