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Whether you need simple third-party insurance to meet legal requirements or comprehensive car insurance to protect or reimburse your valuable car, Digit lets you buy third-party, comprehensive or own at a reasonable price. Damage (OD) – All types of car insurance can be done online. And you know what’s best? You can choose your own IDV and get 7 other beneficial add-ons to suit your car. So buy/renew or claim car insurance through Digits – all possible by following our simple online and smartphone process!

What is included in Digit Car Insurance?


Compensation for damage caused by an accident or collision with your own car


Fire damage

Cover for loss due to accidental theft of car
Compensation for damage caused by accidental fire in a car

natural disasters

Compensation for car damage due to natural calamities like floods or cyclones

own accident
own accident
Covered in case of death or disability of car owner due to car accident

If your car collides with damage to any person, property etc., the damage will be covered.

Add-on covers available with Ank car insurance

Our car insurance add-ons, which you can buy with your car insurance policy!

Zero depreciation add-on cover
Ideal for cars less than 5 years old, this add-on cover allows you to cover not only your car at the time of claim, but also depreciation up to the amount spent on repair, maintenance or replacement of car parts, i.e. NIL doing so. , pays full price.

‘Return to Invoice’ add-on
The ‘Return to Invoice’ add-on gives you a benefit equivalent to the amount shown on the car bill, including the new vehicle registration amount and road tax, in case of car theft or non-recovery.

Engine and gearbox protection cover
Generally, damage to the engine or gearbox is not covered by the cover unless it is caused by an accident. So, if you need cover for this type of damage under all circumstances, make sure to get the engine and gearbox protection add-on.

Tire protection cover
Tire damage is usually not covered by any normal car insurance – unless it occurs during an accident. The Per Digit Tire Protection Cover add-on gives you protection and cover against common tire damage such as bursts, sprains or cuts in all possible scenarios.

Breakdown assistance cover
With our breakdown assistance add-on, you can feel free to ask for help when you need it – like a car breakdown, etc. The best part is that it won’t even count in a claim.

Consumable cover
A consumable cover gives your car an extra layer of protection. It covers all your minor car expenses like engine oil, screwdriver, nuts and bolts, grease etc. in case of an accident.

Just as it is important to know about your car insurance covers, it is also very important to know when car insurance cover is not available. This will make it easier for you to claim. You may not be able to get car insurance coverage under the following circumstances.

Self-indemnity for third-party policyholders

In case of a third-party or liability only car policy, damage to one’s own car will not be covered.

Drunk or unlicensed driving

You will not get cover for driving under the influence of alcohol or without a driving license.

Driving in absence of valid driving license holder

If you have a learner’s license and you are driving the car without any driving license holder with you, you will not get cover.

Consequential Damage

Any loss or damage that is not directly related to the accident, such as improper driving of the damaged car after the accident, further damage to the engine, etc. will not be covered by the insurance.

Your carelessness

You will not get cover in case of any gross negligence, such as damage caused by driving the car during flood which is not specified in the driving manual by the car manufacturer.

Add-ons you have not purchased

With the help of add-ons, we cover you in many situations, but if you have not purchased any add-ons, you will not get coverage in those related situations.

Why You Should Buy Digit Car Insurance

We treat our customers as unique and always prioritize. Find out how…

Cashless repair facility

Cashless car repair facility available at 5800+ cashless network garages across India.

Customize your IDV

With us you can customize your vehicle’s IDV as per your choice.

Vehicle pickup and drop from home

You can also enjoy pickup and drop facility with 6 months repair guarantee on repairs at our networked garages.

Self-monitoring from smartphones

Click on the car damage photo from your phone and get exact compensation instantly.

Superfast claim processing

We have settled 96% of private car claims so far.

247 Support 247 Support

We are ready to serve you 24*7.

Enjoy easy claims with Digit Car Insurance

When we say we make insurance easy, we really do! We understand that you have already invested a large part of your lifetime earnings in buying your car. That’s why we strive to make the car insurance claim process so easy that it meets your needs.

When it comes to car insurance claims, there is only one thing that bothers a car owner the most – waiting for people to come for a survey from the insurance company. This also prolongs the claim process. To get rid of this, we have introduced self-monitoring facility through smartphone for you with the help of technology. With this you can file a claim in less than 7 minutes.

When your car is damaged due to an accident or natural disaster, the last thing you want to do is worry about the money spent on its repairs! And we understand this very well. That’s why we offer you cashless claim facility at over 5800 garages in India.
We believe in keeping everything digital and paperless without wasting time on paperwork. Everything can be uploaded online on our app and you can enjoy a simple and quick claim process.

Car insurance online

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